Texas Moms Love Shopping

Just because a woman has married and has become a mom, it doesn't take away her passion for wanting to look her best. I live in Houston, Texas, and have created this blog to encourage others to keep up with her shopping adventures - for good and bad. Beauty is important to all women and us Houston women are not an exception. If we can't get out to meet our needs, then we will have the world come to us.
In this blog I will demonstrate how a married woman and mother can meet all her responsibilities and still find time for her beauty requirements.

The Five Minute Beauty Regime

30 Nov 2020

Busy moms need to squeeze their beauty regime into as short a time as possible, without comprising about looking their best. Start with a gentle cleanser, followed by a concealer under the eyes. Next, a translucent powder and a subtle bronzer. You're good to go!

Self-Care is Essential

28 Oct 2020

Many women settle down into a comfortable life after having children and neglect their own needs. Self-care is an essential aspect of well-being, and that includes looking the best you can. A simple application of mascara or lipstick can make a world of difference, and undoubtedly the best part is shopping for it!

The Lure of Luxury Cosmetics

15 Sep 2020

Every woman enjoys the pleasure of putting on make-up in an effort to look her best, but do cheap products offer the same experience? It can be argued that less expensive brands are just as good, but realistically, we all get more enjoyment from opening that luxurious, sparkly compact.